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12 – Having a litter of them makes you….ummm….crazy

Having more than a few babies, or more than a few cats can make a person go crazy…

…or at least seem crazy to the rest of the world.


11 – Babies and Cats Both Require YOU to Remove Their Poop


 Ok, so you don’t have to wipe your cat’s behind afterward…or maybe you’re that kind of catmom -but that’s a different website. Nevertheless, baby and cat poop removal is grudging and can make you gag.

 Cat in a litter box


7 – Babies and Cats Love Boxes!

Cats will squish their furry bodies into any box they find…

And babies love cramming their chubby bodies into boxes too!

1 – They Love Toilets!

It’s no secret that cats love toilets.

They love to dip their furry little faces into these big bowls of wonder. They delight in swatting at the water. They’re mesmerized when it flushes and the contents swirl around and disappear down the drain.



And it’s the same with babies!

As soon  as your baby can walk, she will find her way to your bathroom, grab the rim of the toilet bowl and….. well, what happens next depends on how fast YOU get to the toilet bowl.