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Gordy(gordy)blog Recreates His Twin Sister’s Baby Instagram Photos With His Cat!

gordy-blog-baby-catPeople.com featured some dude posing with his cat to recreate photos of his twin sister and her kids -and it’s awesome!

Gordy staged the photos because as he says on his blog:

“My twin sister Meredith is so great and I am so bad. Every year on my birthday, she gets me something cool: a t-shirt, a funny book,…And I’m the worst brother because I never get her anything for her birthday….Anyway, I decided to do something very heartfelt to show her how much I appreciate her…She is VERY social media, so for her 28th birthday (which is TODAY!), I recreated 28 of the photos she posted this past year.”

The photos are hilarious because they prove what we’ve been saying all along -‘babies are like cats!” Even Gordy admits “They both like to eat off of and crawl on the floor, they both like to bite me, they’re both really small, they’re both really hard to control, and I can’t give birth to either of them.”

So there you have it! gordy-blog-baby-cat-2

17 – Babies and Cats Love Breaking Playing With Christmas Ornaments

16 – Babies And Cats Cry The Same -A Deafening, Maddening Wail

baby crying

Yes, they’re cute, but their cries are….so not.

Kitten looking up and crying

And a cat’s ability to sound like a crying baby is downright scary.


15 – Babies and Cats Love Sitting In Your Lap!

Only babies and cats truly appreciate that soft makeshift bed that your thighs create when you sit down -your lap! They know there is no other place better to sit nap.

VIDEO: Cats Love Babies – Part 2 (Mostly Cats Licking Babies’ Heads)

The follow-up to the Cats Love Babies video we posted a few months ago is finally here! And apparently when cats love babies, they lick their heads…a lot.

Check out the WTF look on these babies faces when they get their heads licked. It’s very LOL.

14 – Babies and Cats Can Be Incredibly Moody!

Even though they’re cute, their moods sure can get ugly.

baby girl make faceMietzepeter

Of course, some cats are just grumpy all the time.




12 – Having a litter of them makes you….ummm….crazy

Having more than a few babies, or more than a few cats can make a person go crazy…

…or at least seem crazy to the rest of the world.


11 – Babies and Cats Both Require YOU to Remove Their Poop


 Ok, so you don’t have to wipe your cat’s behind afterward…or maybe you’re that kind of catmom -but that’s a different website. Nevertheless, baby and cat poop removal is grudging and can make you gag.

 Cat in a litter box