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The Oatmeal Debates “Having a Baby Vs. Having a Cat”

The Oatmeal  features a comic strip that illustrates pros and cons of having a baby versus having a cat. Ummm, same difference to us. Click on the comic and have a look


18 – Babies and Cats Snuggling With Stuffed Animals Are Beyond Adorable

What’s better than a sleeping baby? A sleeping baby cuddling with a stuffed animal!

Baby sleep tight

And a cat snuggling with a stuffed animal can elicit the same heart-melt. Awwwwwwwww!

1 – They Love Toilets!

It’s no secret that cats love toilets.

They love to dip their furry little faces into these big bowls of wonder. They delight in swatting at the water. They’re mesmerized when it flushes and the contents swirl around and disappear down the drain.



And it’s the same with babies!

As soon  as your baby can walk, she will find her way to your bathroom, grab the rim of the toilet bowl and….. well, what happens next depends on how fast YOU get to the toilet bowl.