12 – Having a litter of them makes you….ummm….crazy

Having more than a few babies, or more than a few cats can make a person go crazy…

…or at least seem crazy to the rest of the world.


11 – Babies and Cats Both Require YOU to Remove Their Poop


 Ok, so you don’t have to wipe your cat’s behind afterward…or maybe you’re that kind of catmom -but that’s a different website. Nevertheless, baby and cat poop removal is grudging and can make you gag.

 Cat in a litter box


8 – They Look Silly in Costumes…But You Can’t Resist Dressing Them Up!

Of course your cat hates costumes, and you’ve got the scratches to prove it, but the cuteness derived from such animal torture is well worth it.

What’s the point of having a baby if you can’t dress him up in a ridiculous costume? Besides he won’t know you’ve compromised his dignity until many many years later.

VIDEO: Cats Love Babies

I love this compilation of “Cats Love Babies” for 2 simple reasons:

1. Because you never hear about cats mauling a baby, which means this video will not go horribly wrong.

2. Because regardless of reason #1, I would never let a cat snuggle up that close to my baby’s face, which is why I love watching other people’s babies snuggle up next to their cats.


7 – Babies and Cats Love Boxes!

Cats will squish their furry bodies into any box they find…

And babies love cramming their chubby bodies into boxes too!